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Other utilities software Other free tools to help you maintain and optimize your PC, manage files, burn disks, and more.
SSuite Office - System Monitor 2.1

SSuite Office - System Monitor 2.1 Free version 2877 

Monitors your system ram, cpu usage, page file load - {swap file}, and the system power.

Acer ASPIRE 6920 Drivers Utility 4.4

Acer ASPIRE 6920 Drivers Utility 4.4 Trial version 2877 

Get official Acer ASPIRE 6920 Drivers for your Windows. Acer ASPIRE 6920 Drivers Utility scans your computer for missing, corrupt and outdated drivers and automatically downloads and updates them to the latest, most compatible version. Acer ASPIRE 6920 Drivers Utility saves you time and frustration and works with all drivers such as sound drivers, video drivers, wireless drivers etc.

speed up registry 2.8

speed up registry 2.8 Free version 2876 

Fix registry errors,Speed up registry,Speed up your PC.

TaskList GUI 1.0

TaskList GUI 1.0 Free version 2876 

Tasklist GUI and remote taskkill

Recent Files 1.0-Beta

Recent Files 1.0-Beta Free version 2876 

Recent Files is a shell extension that gives you the possibility to view the most recently accesed files for any folder.

WinMend Auto Shutdown 1.3.4

WinMend Auto Shutdown 1.3.4 Free version 2876 

WinMend Auto Shutdown is a freeware utility that can turn off your computer automatically. With simple settings, it can shut down, hibernate, stand by or log off the computer unattended at a scheduled time.

Registry Defragmentation

Registry Defragmentation Trial version 2874 

Registry Defragmentation is a small utility that does gigantic improvements in computer performance. Registry is the core of any operating system and it is the proper functioning registry that determines how fast the computer boots up, launches applications and carries out commands. This application physically defragments the Windows registry file to give it the proper linear structure.

Align 1.6

Align 1.6 Free version 2872 

ALIGN aligns data in ASCII text files into neat columns. Also converts comma-delimited files to columns with 2 spaces between each column. Input fields must be separated by commas or white space. Fields may contain spaces if they are enclosed in single or double quotes or C comments

ACER Webcam Software 4

ACER Webcam Software 4 Trial version 2872 

ACER Webcam Software is a simple and powerful webcam capture and webcam video recording software that captures images from ACER webcams and record webcam images to high quality video files that can be played back directly via Windows Media Player.

TimeTask 2.10

TimeTask 2.10 Free version 2871 

TimeTask is a full-featured, easy to operate timing tools used to create a variety of timing tasks, such as reminders, open the document, run the program, play music, standby, shutdown, etc., to support once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly as well as custom cycle time, and have the "effective time" detection mechanism, so you no longer miss the important work and things.

QuExeCute 2.2.2

QuExeCute 2.2.2 Free version 2870 

QuExeCute is a tool which simplifies working with many search-engines, long file names or commands. The main window of QuExeCute consists of an input line in which you can basically enter three types of texts. If you, for example type in a Web-adress into this line, your standard browser will open it. If you enter a file path, the Windows-Explorer or the according application will be started.

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