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Simpo PDF to PowerPoint 1.4.3

Simpo PDF to PowerPoint 1.4.3 Trial version 3833 

PDF to PowerPoint, Convert PDF to PPT, PDF to PowerPoint Converter, Convert PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to PPT Converter

Taskbow Free

Taskbow Free Free version 3833 

Windows taskbar replacer. Can assign colours to programs and windows, allows quick access to groups of task, can group and ungroup tasks easily, by drag'n'drop. Can show small info about running programs. Can run programs from taskbar. Taskbow has quick launch bar

Presto Transfer Windows Calendar 3.42

Presto Transfer Windows Calendar 3.42 Trial version 3826 

Presto Transfer Windows Calendar helps transfer your Windows Calendar data from one computer to another.

Perfect Keyboard, Standard Edition 7.6.4

Perfect Keyboard, Standard Edition 7.6.4 Trial version 3824 

The program allows a user to create a file of frequently used phrases, paragraphs, e-mail addresses, macros, clipboard entries, scripts, etc. and use them in any application just by typing a short abbreviation (text shortcut) or pressing a hotkey. The Perfect Keyboard supports macro recording so that user can simply record macros rather than program them. The Perfect Keyboard scripting language contains 150+ commands.

Presto Transfer Quicken 3.42

Presto Transfer Quicken 3.42 Trial version 3823 

Presto Transfer Quicken helps transfer your Quicken data files from one computer to another.

TaskList GUI 1.0

TaskList GUI 1.0 Free version 3822 

Tasklist GUI and remote taskkill

Presto Transfer WordPerfect 3.42

Presto Transfer WordPerfect 3.42 Trial version 3822 

Presto Transfer WordPerfect helps transfer your WordPerfect, Quattro Pro and Presentation files from one computer to another.


Druckmanagement Free version 3821 

Druck management

Screen OCR

Screen OCR Trial version 3821 

RobotSoft Screen OCR is the best OCR Software. It can recognize and capture any text from your screen.

Twistpad 2.4

Twistpad 2.4 Trial version 3818 

Twistpad is a fully featured Text Editor for Windows. Twistpad can be used as a simple notepad replacer, or an featured packed editor targeting web and software developers. Features include Easy to design syntax highlighting, find and replace in files, outline blocks of text and many more features.

S3 Transfer Engine

S3 Transfer Engine Free version 3809 

The S3 Transfer Engine is a quick and reliable tool created by Blueberry for Amazon S3 file transfer and archiving. S3 Transfer Engine works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in any Windows environment, and without the need for user intervention.

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