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Other utilities software Other free tools to help you maintain and optimize your PC, manage files, burn disks, and more.
Simpo PDF to PowerPoint 1.4.3

Simpo PDF to PowerPoint 1.4.3 Trial version 4065 

PDF to PowerPoint, Convert PDF to PPT, PDF to PowerPoint Converter, Convert PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to PPT Converter

Typing Speedometer Software 7.0

Typing Speedometer Software 7.0 Free version 4064 

This software offers a solution to users who want to measure typing speed by typing back sample text displayed. This software can be used to calculate your WPM (words per minute).

S3 Transfer Engine

S3 Transfer Engine Free version 4064 

The S3 Transfer Engine is a quick and reliable tool created by Blueberry for Amazon S3 file transfer and archiving. S3 Transfer Engine works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in any Windows environment, and without the need for user intervention.

Multi Clipboard 14.01.01

Multi Clipboard 14.01.01 Trial version 4062 

This is a handy time saving Program if you are involved in disseminating information or [Canned Messages], such as from a Help Desk or providing Tech-Support. There are 33 text fields per page or project. You can have as many pages as you want. You can have 1000s of fields if you wish. Any one of these 1000s of fields can be easily copied into the Windows clipboard using the [Copy] button found just to the left of said field.

Presto Transfer Windows Calendar 3.42

Presto Transfer Windows Calendar 3.42 Trial version 4062 

Presto Transfer Windows Calendar helps transfer your Windows Calendar data from one computer to another.

Split pdf by File Size 1.2.5

Split pdf by File Size 1.2.5 Trial version 4062 

Extract & delete unnecessary pages from pdf using AxpertSoft Pdf splitter software. Tool is sufficient for removal & extraction of part page range from pdf and splitting every few pages as a new pdf document. Use pdf splitter to split pdf by file size. Program allows users to break a large 1 GB pdf file into 4 parts each of size 256 KB. Pdf Split tool is Windows compatible supports to work on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP OS.

ClickyMouse, Free Edition 7.6.4

ClickyMouse, Free Edition 7.6.4 Free version 4060 

ClickyMouse software is designed to allow you to assign macros to different mouse actions and perform repetitive tasks quickly. ClickyMouse has an intuitive user interface, advanced macro recorder and variety mouse triggers to choose from.


Druckmanagement Free version 4059 

Druck management

Presto Transfer WordPerfect 3.42

Presto Transfer WordPerfect 3.42 Trial version 4058 

Presto Transfer WordPerfect helps transfer your WordPerfect, Quattro Pro and Presentation files from one computer to another.

SSuite Office - System Monitor 2.1

SSuite Office - System Monitor 2.1 Free version 4057 

Monitors your system ram, cpu usage, page file load - {swap file}, and the system power.

Presto Transfer Quicken 3.42

Presto Transfer Quicken 3.42 Trial version 4054 

Presto Transfer Quicken helps transfer your Quicken data files from one computer to another.

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