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Gmail Touch for Win8 UI

Gmail Touch for Win8 UI Free version 4263 

Gmail Touch is a mail client for Windows 8. View your inbox, compose messages, search your mail, and more!

Web Image Viewer

Web Image Viewer Free version 4257 

Search and view images from the web using Bing image search or extract images from websites using IE image viewer. You can stream images to Xbox, TV or any DLNA device.

Anti Mosquito

Anti Mosquito Free version 4255 

This Mosquito repellent app can protect you from getting bitten by mosquitoes. The application emit a very unique high frequency sound (ultra sound) that most mosquitos find distasteful and prevents you from getting bitten by mosquitoes.

PC Benchmark for Win8 UI

PC Benchmark for Win8 UI Free version 4250 

Jujuba Software PC Benchmark is a versatile benchmark for measuring speed of main computer components: System storage (HDD or SSD), CPU, Memory and GPU

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day Free version 4245 

Application 'Astronony Picture of the Day' allows simple yet beatiful browsing through current and older astronomy pictures from the eponymous site. It also automatically updates the Live Tile each day so you never miss any picture.

World Cup Kicks 1.0

World Cup Kicks 1.0 Free version 4243 

Welcome to World Cup Kicks, the ultimate football game! Set your power, angle and curve to hit the most stunning free-kicks! Can you make it all the way to World Cup glory? Use your mouse to interact. Try to score more goals than your opponent before you run out of balls. You have 10 attempts at each set-piece.

Notepad Classic for Win8 UI

Notepad Classic for Win8 UI Free version 4237 

Do you ever wish for a simpler time when the a text editor was just a text editor - well travel back to those fantastic times, now in a amazing new UI, with Notepad Classic. Notepad Classic supports everything that Notepad does: Find, Replace, etc...


Picfinity Free version 4230 

Picfinity brings 500px to Windows 8.It allows you to browse through all the photos on 500px.Log in using your 500px credentials and enjoy a personalized experience on Picfinity,

Drag Race Online for Win8 UI

Drag Race Online for Win8 UI Free version 4225 

Addictive drag racing game. Now with online battle support. Features Drive with 31 unique cars Compete online against other players Earn money by beating enemies and shifting at the perfect moment Buy performance upgrades and tune your car Beat each boss of 9 different challenge levels Use nitro for a speed boost

Rayman Jungle Run for Win8 UI

Rayman Jungle Run for Win8 UI Trial version 4187 

Rayman Jungle Run is powered by the same UbiArt Framework engine that brought you Rayman Origins - Winner of numerous Game of the Year and Platformer of the Year awards.

Powerpool 2 1.0

Powerpool 2 1.0 Free version 4172 

Powerpool 2 is an interesting sport game for free. Mini-Pool with powerups and three different tables. Instructions: fire: left mouse movement: mouse.

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