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WinFuture XP-ISO-Builder

WinFuture XP-ISO-Builder

With WinFuture xp-Iso-Builder 3 you can extend your Windows CD with many useful functions. It does not matter, if you're running Windows 2000, XP or 2003 - WinFuture xp-Iso-Builder integrates the latest Service Pack or system files, that allow using unauthorized visual styles and more. You can add drivers for your system's hardware, too.

Additionally you can create user accounts, change registry settings and remove unnecessary folders from the installation disc. For a full list of the features of xp-Iso-Builder, scroll down this site.

The software contains extensive information on what each function does.

Here's what xp-Iso-Builder has to offer:
Integrate Service Packs & Updates
Integrate user accounts
Change registry settings
Unattended (automatic) installation incl. registration key and creation of user data
Change paths of different system folders
Change launch modes of system services
Defining pagefiles
Integrate user-defined desktop theme
Integrate your own fonts
Integrate controller drivers for SATA, RAID, etc.
Integrate device drivers for graphics, sound, network, etc.
Integrate service and security updates
Integrate applications
Remove unnecessary folders
Integrate your own folders
Convert Recovery-CDs
Enable usage of unauthorized visual styles
Speed up internet after installation of SP2 (TCP/IP patch)
Includes profile management for easy recovery of different settings made
Languages: German, English
Clarifications concerning every action
Create bootable CD/DVD-ISO-Image

WinFuture XP-ISO-Builder

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