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Visual CSS Gradient Generator

Visual CSS Gradient Generator is the ultimate cross-browser gradient generator for web designers...

What sets it apart from online gradient creators?
Whether it's a linear gradient specified with an angle or a repeating gradient, no matter what parameters are specified, the corresponding SVG (IE9) and old Webkit* CSS syntax is generated.
Where color-stops lie outside the bounds of the box, the color is interpolated so that the SVG and old Webkit rendering matches the CSS3 appearance as closely as possible.
One button click for preview in Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari.
You're not constrained to percentage value types; all values can be expressed as px, pc, pt, mm, cm or in.

Other features:
Creates linear and radial gradient CSS and SVG source code for Chrome, Firefox, IE9 (SVG), IE10, Opera, Safari and old Webkit syntax.
Photoshop style color picker with real-time update.
After picking a color, you choose the CSS format you'd prefer i.e. RGB, RGB percentages, Hex, Named or HSL.
Automatic conversion from a radial gradient size keyword, such as farthest-corner, to its computed position and size.
Automatic conversion from a linear gradient extent keyword, such as to left top, to its computed angle.
Automatic conversion between unit types i.e. px, pc, pt, mm, cm and in.

Visual CSS Gradient Generator

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