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Vidmex 1.39

Vidmex is a multimedia player that allows you to extract fragments from video and audio files, merge or mix media files, play music and video with customizable subtitles, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, invert, color balance, zooming and other video effects in real time.

Vidmex supports many media formats: ASF, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, MPE, MPEG, OGM, RV, RM, CDA, RMVB, VCD, AAC, VOB, WMV, AC3, AIFF, APE, FLAC, MIDI, MKA, MPA, MP3, MP2, OGG, RA, WMA, WAV, BMP, GIF, JPG, TGA etc.

Vidmex has a very easy-to-use interface -- just click Begin/End buttons to mark positions of the fragment and choose multimedia operation from the Wizard - Image, Fragment, Merge, Mix etc.

Vidmex Playlist allows to organize your media files (save playlists, sort, find/filter, set playback range for each file) and to perform audio/video editing operations.

You can quickly select fragments directly in Playlist by clicking on areas of counters. Vidmex supports global hot keys to control player from any Windows application, drag'n'drop functionality to load or add media files.

You can adjust window size, choose and preserve aspect ratio, watch minimized video on top of all other windows and change skins.


· Save video fragments from movies with the simplicity of pressing Begin/End.
· Convert video, images and audio from many file formats.
· Insert subtitles into movies. Extract video with subtitles.
· Enhance the extracted video with smooth, sharpen, blur, saturation effects.
· Zoom/flip video areas, apply cool changes like emboss, invert, hue, color balance.
· Combine several videos - movie-in-movie effect. Insert video window inside a film.
· Re-compress your audio files using different quality and compression settings.
· Extract single images from video clips with high timing precision, video effects.
· Extract fragments from music files, save soundtracks from films, from CD.
· Create a simple slideshow from your digital images.
· Create video clip by joining several video fragments from many movies.
· Use your logo on top of video.
· Prepare custom audio tracks by joining audio fragments from music files, movies.
· Mix several audio fragments (for example speech and music).

Vidmex 1.39

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