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USB FireWall

Net Studio USB FireWall

USB FireWall is an application which protect you from malicious programs that try to launch itselves each time you insert an USB drive. This application will inform you if it finds this kind of malicious software on your flash drive or external hard drive or event on your camera or any other USB drive.

How does it work

From the time when USB FireWall is running on your system, it works in background, its windows is hidden unless it finds a malicious program which try to launch itself from your USB drive.

USB FireWall is a freeware software and its aim is just to stop malicious programs which try to infect your system but it cannot remove viruses or other bad programs which are already installed on your system. You need application such as an Antivirus or a Removal Tool to clean your computer.

USB Firewall can also clean your computer from auto-launched programs and its associated files from all your partitions or from any other partitions on your system. USB FireWall can also stop this kind of programs even if it''s already running. To do so, just click on the "CLEAN ALL PARTITION" button.

USB FireWall

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