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Trikanoid 1.2

Trikanoid is a modern remake of the famous Arkanoid arcade game from the 80s All features of the original is included, like all power-ups, the annoying but sometimes useful aliens and such. Since the main authors owned a ZX Spectrum back in time, emphasis has been put on implementing some of the uniqueness of the ZX Spectrum implementation that were released for this machine. Instead of making a true nostalgically remake (Monochrome graphics, synthetic sounds), the aim of Trikanoid was to implement the same idea on modern computers of today. Trikanoid features the following: - 33 different levels - End of game monster (Doh) at level 33 - Lots of power-ups - Stunning graphics - Different background for each level - Animations - Graphical effects - High quality music - 8 different in game music scores - 8 different in game soundscapes - 4 additional scores, for menu, game won etc. - Gripping sound effects and voices -A cool old school intro to the game - Lot of other goodies The game has received very favorable reviews, and won numerous awards praised for its playability, graphics, overall impression and quality.

Trikanoid 1.2

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