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Strata Live 3D CX 2.0.1

The revolution begins here with Strata Live 3D CX 2. Put realtime 3D in front of your clients and customers. Strata Live 3D CX makes it easy to prep your models, add interactivity, then output to the web and PDF. YouTube style embedding is easy with the new cloud hosting option. Just use the simple "Export to Web" command. This revolution will be online and in 3D.

YouTube style hosting - 3D in the cloud

Get your models online quickly and easily using Strata Live 3D's cloud hosting option. Just like YouTube, you get your own account to upload your models to. It's as easy as selecting "Export to Web" from the Live 3D application. With your 3D content online you can then set options for displaying that content, like shadows, auto-rotate behavior, display size and more. You can then direct clients to your own gallery on

YouTube style embedding - get online easy

Like YouTube videos, once you have your 3D model uploaded to you can easily embed the content into your own website, a client's website - or pretty much anywhere else content can be used. Just use the supplied embed code to place the Live 3D model right where you want it.

Content from anywhere - including the Strata 3D CX Suite

Bring in models from virtually any 3D application using the universal VRML file format. Models can even include animations for creating interactive objects. And with the Strata 3D CX Suite you can use models captured from photographs using Foto 3D, packaging models created using Enfold 3D - and anything else you can dream-up using Design 3D.

Powerful tools for polygon reduction and authoring

Getting your models ready for realtime presentation requires some key technology - and Strata Live 3D has it. This includes polygon reduction technology for getting large models down to size and compression algorythms designed for 3D models. Add that to an easy to use, no scripting necessary authoring system and Live 3D gives you the tools you need to go from simple presentations to complex simulations. Want a powerful scripting language? That's in there too.

Strata Live 3D CX 2.0.1

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