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SiteGrinder 3.5.5

If you know Photoshop then you already know enough to start creating web pages for yourself and your clients. With SiteGrinder there is no longer a requirement to slice up your web design and send it off to a developer to convert your design from Photoshop to HTML / XHTML and CSS. SiteGrinder does all of that tedious work for you. Your Photoshop web design is output just the way you envisioned it – resulting in a full functioning website.

SiteGrinder's intelligent engine can convert simple type layers into search-engine friendly menus that are dynamic and visually appealing. Image layers can also become buttons and menus. SiteGrinder's smart handling of slicing and image compression also gives you the designer complete flexibility in customizing how SiteGrinder will optimize each layer. SiteGrinder uses Photoshop's "layer comps" feature to organize layers into beautiful web pages.

Once the layers have been saved into layer comps SiteGrinder will output a website that looks just like your Photoshop web design! As a bonus, the standards-compliant websites created by SiteGrinder 3 can be put through XHTML validators and pass without error. This means that all web pages converted from Photoshop to HTML with SiteGrinder can be modified by any HTML/XHTML/CSS web design program, such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

SiteGrinder 3.5.5

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