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Shareaholic 1.9

Shareaholic is the better, quicker, easier way to share, e-mail, tweet, and bookmark stuff you care about online with friends, family, and co–workers. If you like to connect and share with people in your life using any service like Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc, you'll likely love Shareaholic. Shareaholic makes online sharing better, faster and easier. Once you have Shareaholic, you'll be able to simplify your online social life.

Share links, videos, blogs, images with services you already use like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, and more. No need to sign up for yet another service or account. You can now find the freshest news, videos and blogs as they emerge on the realtime web within Shareaholic and easily share that on any of your social networks. No more toolbars, buttons or bookmarklets piling up in your browser for every site you use, and no more looking for web publisher provided buttons. Shareaholic is the only tool you need to share.Use Shareaholic on your terms. Quick, clean, and to the point.We're fanatical about user experience, design, and improving Shareaholic for our users.

We continue to improve Shareaholic based on your valuable feedback. Both Mozilla and Microsoft recommend our products. Your privacy is critically important to us. Shareaholic protects and maintains your online security and peace of mind. This means that it will not display unwanted and intrusive advertising, or allow any malware or spyware to operate - period. We hate spam too.

Shareaholic 1.9

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