ReddHub for Windows 8

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Windows 8
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ReddHub for Windows 8

Love funny pictures? What about cute animals? Or interesting Topics? ReddHub is your go to source!

ReddHub is the next evolution of client apps for and the premier reddit app for Windows 8.

Features :

Infinite scrolling
Support for browsing Reddit without logging in
Full integration with your account - including voting, saving, reporting, and much more
BaconSync Support for BaconIt
Tracking for which links have been read
Images in comments automatically embedded in the comment
Ability to Pin live tiles of your favorite subreddit(s) to the start screen
Night Mode and different font sizes
Integrated YouTube player and ImgUr gallery viewer
Flair support for subreddits
Submit new links or selfposts to Reddit
Ability to reply to comments and links with live preview
Ability to view comments, authors, and subreddits of any link
Launch a link in the browser or copy it to the clipboard
Remembers how many new comments have been seen
Integrated image viewer for a stunning viewing experience
Support for Windows Share, to easily share a link to and from other apps
Pinch zoom support for images
Full integrated imgur gallery support
Collapsable comments

ReddHub for Windows 8

Website - ReddHub for Windows 8

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