QuickTumble 1.0.1

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QuickTumble 1.0.1

QuickTumble is an easy-to-use Safari extension that will provide you with a rapid solution for posting text, photos, links and more on Tumblr.

Currently it offers:
· Toolbar button - toggles bar with shortcuts to add different media types to tumblelog (text, photo, link, etc.)
· Tumble Link to this Page context menu for quick posting links to currently browsed page
· Tumble Selection as Quote context menu for quick posting selected text on visited page as quote.


toolbar button
easy posting and dashboard access
context menus
posting test, quotes, images, etc. by clicking on it
Tumblr integration
simple sign in to your account
support for multiple tumblelogs
work log, home log, love log - everything at your fingertips!

QuickTumble 1.0.1

Website - QuickTumble 1.0.1

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