PlayClaw 4 build 2600

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PlayClaw 4 build 2600

PlayClaw is a very useful tool for almost every game player and a "must-have" tool for hardcore gamers.

For showing off slick new tricks or proving you really can take down The Boss with one shot, nothing shows it better than video. Before PlayClaw no other option worked well with modern games, because cutting edge games try to hog every ounce of your PC's power leaving few resources for other applications. This results in choppy video, distorted still shots or massive bitmap files.

Most game video capture software, if you can use it during a game at all, will slow your PC to a crawl. PlayClaw is different, making full use of any multi-core processors utilizing lean code designed specifically for resource hungry games!

Be it OpenGL, DirectX 8,9,10 or 11, if your machine can run the game well you can now capture it all with virtually no hit to the frame-rate or action, even at full resolution video! You can also adjust the size of captured footage using less disk space. PlayClaw is great game video recording alternative.

It gets better! PlayClaw can also show you important information in the form of screen overlays. The most important overlays are for Teamspeak and Ventrilo. PlayClaw will show you who's speaking in game using Ventrilo or Teamspeak, creating a better teamwork environment! Our overlays are fully compatible with the latest versions Windows and graphics engines. So if your game runs in Windows 7 with DirectX 11 graphics, it's not a problem!

PlayClaw 4 build 2600

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