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ntro for Android

Social discovery apps are predicted to be "the next big app trend" at SXSW, but not all social discovery apps are created equal. With ntro, you get:
• Ambient social discovery based on shared interests and mutual friends
• Battery optimization - ntro is far more efficient on your battery than most other apps running in the background
• Rock-solid Privacy - we don't share your personal info or exact location with anyone
• A unique interface that let's you browse and discover interests & people, even if you don't have any matches yet
Join the thousands of other people who are using ntro to discover and connect with nearby people who share their interests, whether it’s Skrillex, zombies or paddle boarding.
• Get notified when someone nearby shares your interests
• See if you have Facebook friends in common
• Explore featured and popular interests to see what’s trending around you
• Browse the Heat Map to see local hotspots, based on your interests
University students have the option to connect with students only - simply use your .edu email during sign-up.
Important Notes:
• Ability to adjust automatic check-in settings to minimize battery use
• Option to disable background operation
What's New:
Battery Optimization
• Advanced battery optimization that puts you in control
• Select from 5 levels of battery consumption, from constant background operation to automatic check-in only when you open the app (plus several settings in between)
Enhanced Privacy Features
• "Ladies First" - for dating matches, women get the first look; women choose which guys can see their profile
• Matching by Age - select the age range of people you want to match with
Ask a Question Feature
Need an icebreaker? Not sure what to say first? Our new Ask a Question feature creates a list of "conversation starters" based on the interests you share in common.

ntro for Android

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