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Nero BackItUp 12

Hassle-Free Backup Protection

There is never a convenient time for a hard drive failure, file corruption or virus to strike. Protect yourself from the pain of a major data loss with Nero BackItUp. With just one click, you can set up a routine, automatic, full-system backup and get peace-of-mind that you won’t ever risk losing an important file again. Even create bootable discs and use drive backup to restore your operating system or a hard drive partition.

NEW: Backup your data to hard drives larger than 2TB in size and USB 3.0 devices.

Time- and Space-Saving Backups

Nero BackItUp performs incremental backups so only files that have changed since your last backup are included. This translates to significantly less time required to perform backups and it uses the least disc space necessary.

Preserve Your Irreplaceable Memories

Get selective with your backups. Nero BackItUp is seamlessly integrated with Nero Kwik Media so you can easily backup just your photos, videos and music.

Backup to the Cloud

Keep a backup copy of your data in the cloud so you can access them any time, from anywhere. 5GB and 25GB of cloud storage are available for a modest subscription.

Simple Network Attached Storage (NAS) Device Setup

With NAS auto-detection, you never need to configure your Network Attached Storage (NAS) device manually or map to it from your PC. Nero BackItUp automatically searches through your network for NAS devices and makes them available for file backup, drive backup or routine Nero LIVEBackup.

Synchronize Backups While Traveling

Create secure, portable, synced backups of any amount of data for when you’re on the go. Fully control the bi-directional syncing of multiple folders with the Nero SyncTool.

Security With All the Bells and Whistles Included

Expect nothing less than world-class security when you use Nero BackItUp to safeguard your files. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) New Instructions (AES-NI) 256bit encryption security is built right in.

A Last Line of Defense

Even backing up cannot prevent cases of accidently deleted files or scratched optical discs. Nero RescueAgent can recover and restore lost data in just a few clicks, all without having to re-install the entire operating system. This way Nero RescueAgent provides a last line of defense. Restore music, photos and videos from hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and flash memory drives in just a few steps.

Nero BackItUp 12

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