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mirabyte Feed Writer 2.8.1

Feed Writer is the most powerful tool for professionally creating and maintaining editorial RSS news feeds and podcasts. It supports all common feed formats such as RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 2.0, Atom and offers a lot of unique productivity features.

Feed Writer allows you to easily create podcasts and multimedia feeds without having to worry about the technical details. Google loves RSS! Since RSS feeds can be processed automatically by search engines (Semantic Web).

For software developers that deal with Web services and service oriented architectures (SOA) Feed Writer is handy tool for creating test and mock-up data feeds.


Feed creation and editing features:
· Read and write RSS feeds (RSS 2.0, RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, Atom and Podcasts)
· Convenient management of feed meta data
· WSYIWYG HTML and text-only editor for feed items
· Source code editor (edit XML directly) with syntax highlighting
· Support for enclosures / attachments

Features for Podcasts and multimedia feeds:
· Support for creating Podcasts (iTunes)
· Support for video feeds
· Support for photo/picture feeds

Project management and multi feed support:
· Integrated project management (manages feeds and enclosures)
· MDI interface (open multiple feeds at the same time)
· Copy feed items between opened feeds
· Bookmark features for frequently used feeds

Support for different encodings and date/time formats:
· UTF-8 support for feeds with non-Latin characters
· Timestamps can be given in Universal Time (UT) or relative to the local time zone
· Supports of many common Internet date and time formats
· Automatic update of timestamps upon saving a feed

Integrated Help and Validation features:
· Feed preview feature (with Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9 / Firefox or using an XSLT template)
· Online feed validation using the official W3C Web service
· Access to official RSS specifications
· Validation of hyperlinks and Web resources
· Comprehensive online help

Additional productivity features:
· Modern Office 2010 like UI (Ribbon Interface)
· Open existing feeds from local drives, the Web (read-only) or via FTP/SFTP
· Automatic upload of feeds and enclosures via FTP/SFTP
· Cloning of feed items
· Change of feed type (e.g. convert RSS 2.0 to Atom)
· Support for domain-categories (tags with URL)
· Template functionality for feeds and feed items
· Feed publishing wizard

mirabyte Feed Writer 2.8.1

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