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MAutoEqualizer 7.13

The MAutoEqualizer VST plugin was developed to be the world's first true parametric (linear-phase) equalizer providing spectral matching!


The best audio quality out there:
· Parametric equalization provided by MAutoEqualizer cannot be matched by simple FFT-based algorithms. MAutoEqualizer provides true analog sound and 2 top-class linear-phase algorithms.
Fully adjustable linear & minimum phase parametric equalizer:
· Unlike common spectral matching algorithms our automatic equalization configures all bands of the equalizer only. No black box, you see exactly what it is doing. It only does what you would do, but it does not suffer from lack of experience, ear-fatigue or exhaustion. And when you don't like what it does, you can just change it!
Extremely versatile, useful for everything from mixing to mastering:
· You can make your recordings sound professional.
· You can ensure all of your recordings on your new album sound similar.
· You can let MAutoEqualizer fit a track into a mix using spectral separation feature.
· You can draw your desired frequency response.
· In any case MAutoEqualizer will find the best settings and configure the parametric equalizer bands for you.

MAutoEqualizer 7.13

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