Graphic Equalizer Studio 2013

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Graphic Equalizer Studio 2013

Graphic Equalizer Studio is a powerful real-time equalizer that allows you to manipulate a wide range of audible frequencies using its 31 equalizer bars. Each bar controls a different range of frequencies. You can set the start/end frequency range with the zoom equalizer and set the Q factor. In addition, the enhancer feature allows you to handle the harmonic bass, treble, drum bass, and ambiance separately. You can choose one of its 39 different presets but also you can configure and save your own presets. It also has an auto correct feature that attenuates the signal according to the operating level selected. In order to apply the compression/enhancer effects, Graphic Equalizer Studio routes the input of the soundcard trough the Equalizer and then routes the signal to the output of the sound card. The program also includes its own audio player, which allows you to record mp3 or wav files with the selected equalization effects. You can convert mp3 to wav or the opposite. Finally, you can use the batch converter to convert files with the compressor, limiter, enhancer settings, and add tag information to files.

Graphic Equalizer Studio 2013

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