GOM Media Player 2,2,71,5231

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Free version
Windows Xp
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
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GOM Media Player 2,2,71,5231

GOM Media Player
The only media player you need - for FREE!

Not only is GOM Media Player a completely FREE video player, with its built-in support for all the most popular video and Media Player formats, tons of advanced features, extreme customizability, and the Codec Finder service, GOM Media Player is sure to fulfill all of your playback needs. With millions of users in hundreds of countries, GOM Media Player is one of the world`s most popular video players.

Whats New :

Added "Touch Setting" feature for touch screen devices.
Added "Search box" feature on playlist. (Ctrl+F)
Supported "HTTPS URL" for youtube or net radio playback. (Ctrl+U)
Added "Music Tap" on preferences related to play music files.
Improved performance related to "speed of add & delete" of files on playlist.
Other miscellaneous corrections, fixes, and changes

GOM Media Player 2,2,71,5231

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