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Comment Poster 8.0

Comment Poster is the ultimate dofollow backlinks builder designed for webmasters that aren't fully satisfied with the effectiveness of traditional website promotion software. Instead of building backlinks on blogs or social networks (anyone can make such a tool), it's the first and only automatic comments posting software which brings website promotion to the next level with the help of thousands of top-rated, finest-quality, high PageRank image galleries. There is a plethora of blog commenting and social bookmarking software available from our competitors, but only Comment Poster is focused on webmasters who need a more effective solution. It's the only dofollow backlinks builder which utilizes image galleries; therefore, your links gain additional value because there's no competition. Moreover, unlike ordinary blogs, most galleries allow the use of HTML code with title and anchor text attributes, which makes Comment Poster the perfect choice for blazing-fast indexing and ultimate rankings. As you might expect from a sophisticated dofollow backlinks builder, Comment Poster offers 100% automation. Once you add domains to be promoted and write some comment messages, the software works on its own; it automatically finds the most relevant galleries, selects random comment messages, and submits them on autopilot. Besides that, Comment Poster can automatically parse meta tags, rotate title and anchor text attributes for every link, use random proxy servers, emulate different user agents, scan your domains for new pages (and submit them as well), remove duplicates, filter out sites that don't match your criteria, and much, much more.

Comment Poster 8.0

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