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Cobian Backup 11

New on version 11 Gravity
The 11th version of Cobian Backup is now out. (See also the whole release history)

Welcome to the new version: Cobian Backup 11, Gravity
AES encryption (128, 192 and 256 bits)
The directories Settings, Logs and DB can now be configured manually
A task has now the Priority field
A new scheduled type is added: On startup
A new scheduled type was added: On first Monday, On third Tuesday, etc...
Now you can limit the number of Differential backups as well
Now you can select a fixed day of the week to make an incremental or differential backup Full
The program can now automatically delete old files
Suspend and Hibernate are now Events
Sources and Destinations can now be sorted "As Explorer"
Delete empty directories is now a Task property
A LOT of new parameters can now be used (see the help file)
The task list can now be divided and organized in groups
Inclusions and Exclusions can now be arranged
The Deleter can now delete multiple sources
The Safe Mirror directory keeps now the original directory structure
You can now link tasks as an event
The installer is now improved
The application can now be closed from every possible desktop
Old encryption methods are now deprecated
The decryptor and decompressor accept now multiple sources
The decryptor and the decompressor accept command line arguments
The program checks the existence of the destination file even when using the attribute method
Counting files can now be paused or canceled
The body of the mail is now configurable
The Remote Manager is fully rewriten and can now show the progress of the remote client
The Remote Manager can now get the FULL log file of the client
Restart and Shutdown work now even with impersonation
Missed backups don't restart or shutdown the machine now if that event is present
And a LOT more

Cobian Backup 11

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