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Black Menu 5.1.2

Quickly search almost everything google is capable of - get easy access to the most commonly used google services, available at any time.

This extension is meant to be a replacement for both, iGoogle and the quickly removed google menu. This extension contains an extensive menu of google services. You can access them by browsing through the black menu entries. By clicking the menu entry of your choice, you'll go to the corresponding google service in a new tab.

Easily share or plusone the current page you are viewing via Black Menu for Google, check you google+ notifications or even create a new post right in Black Menu for Google.

This page also includes a searchbox. The results will open in a new tab. You can also filter you search query by using one of the filters in the "links and search filters" menu. That menu also contains links to the different Sections of Google+, like Communities, Circles, and Games.

This page includes a almost full featured gmail inbox. You can view every label, compose an email, mark a mail as spam, it even has multiple-account support!

You can also search for email and get the results right into Black Menu. You can also click one of the searchfilters in the "links and searchfilters" menu, which will open a new tab with your search results in Gmail. When you have nothing entered in the search box, the links in the "links and searchfilters" items will link to those labels in gmail.

This page also Includes a link to google contacts, and a link to create a new contact.

Black Menu 5.1.2

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