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Arta 2.08

Arta is a handy and reliable application designed to allow you to quickly find a harmonious palette for your site or product.

Also Arta useful for those who often have to work with images and share them via the Internet


· 7 color models (RGB, HSB, Lab, HLS, CMYK, CMY and LMS)
· 3 visual models (cartesian coordinate, color wheel and color ring)
· 5 palette formats (Adobe, Microsoft, CSV, HTML and Arta)
· 4 color models of color wheel (RGB, RBY, ITTEN and custom)
· 4 color formats (HTML, Delphi, C++ and Basic)
· 4 ways to mix colors
· 7 images for color mixing
· 70 preview images
· get colors from screen
· get palette from screen
· color clipboard viewer

· 5 image formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP and TIFF)
· 3 innings to capture images from the screen (screenshot, windowshot and custom area)
· simple image editing (rotate, flip, resize and crop)
· one click to publish image via the Internet
· one click to print image
· image clipboard viewer

Arta 2.08

Website - Arta 2.08

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