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CombineZM 1.0.0

CombineZ is Free software image processing software package for creating extended depth of field images. It runs on Microsoft Windows. The current release is CombineZP (CombineZ-Pyramid), successor to CombineZM (CombineZ-Movie) which was based on CombineZ5 (designed for older versions of Windows and is no longer maintained).

CombineZ processes a stack of images (or "Frames") and is most frequently used to blend the focused areas of several partially focused digital photographs in order to create a composite image with an extended depth of field (DOF), created from the in-focus areas of each image.

CombineZ has many image manipulation functions that can be used in modifying images (frames) or sets of sequential images (stacks). It can take videos and split them into individual frames which are then manipulated as a stack. For instance, since version CombineZM one can take a movie through a microscope as you wind the focus up or down, and use it for focus-stacking. Alternatively, one can convert a sequence of static frames into a movie (including generating intermediate transitional frames for smoothness) or a pseudo-3D 'rocker' image stack animation.

CombineZM 1.0.0

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