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Webbo Free version 3161 

Webbo provides a sophisticated, multi-file text editor with docking windows, colour syntax highlighting, built-in HTML page preview and 'Code Assist' code completion for HTML, CSS and ASP.NET. Use Webbo's templates and snippets to customise your editing environment; the code you need is only a few mouse-clicks away.

Pluck 1.0

Pluck 1.0 Free version 3111 

Scans multiple files looking for a REGEX pattern, and summarised what it finds as a CSV file. See for how to compose them.

RenamerChangeExtension 1.1

RenamerChangeExtension 1.1 Trial version 3104 

How to change extension(s). The utility for package renaming of files. Basename isn't modified. More than 10 algorithms of change of extension of files. The procedure adding the counter in a name of a file if the file with such name already exists is provided. The indicator of progress and an entire report is provided.

ThunderSoft Video to HTML5 Converter 1.4.0

ThunderSoft Video to HTML5 Converter 1.4.0 Trial version 3045 

ThunderSoft Video to HTML5 Converter is a professional converter for video file to html5 conversion. The output supports all major web broswers: IE, Firefox, Apple Safari, Chrome, Opera, and can be viewed in iPad, iPhone.

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