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Password Decryptor for Outlook 11.0

Password Decryptor for Outlook 11.0 Free version 1226 

OutlookPasswordDecryptor is the FREE tool to instantly recover lost password for all versions of Outlook Application.

Password Decryptor for Postbox 1.0

Password Decryptor for Postbox 1.0 Free version 1224 

Postbox Password Decryptor is a free tool to instantly recover all your lost passwords from Postbox email Client.

Password Decryptor for Clawsmail 1.0

Password Decryptor for Clawsmail 1.0 Free version 1221 

Clawsmail Password Decryptor is a free tool to instantly recover all your stored passwords from Claws Mail email client.

Sicurpas Freeware professional 4.0

Sicurpas Freeware professional 4.0 Free version 1218 

Sicurpas a freeware tool for complete safety. Sicurpas Freeware 4.0 Professional is a owerful and complete tool to protect your passwords and your most sensitive data.

SSL Certificate Store Viewer 4.0

SSL Certificate Store Viewer 4.0 Free version 1213 

Free Tool to View SSL Certificates from System Store

FlashFXP Password Decryptor 4.0

FlashFXP Password Decryptor 4.0 Free version 1207 

FlashFXP Password Recovery Software

Password Generator 1.1

Password Generator 1.1 Free version 1206 

FNOWare Password Generator, generate more secure passwords. Ability to generate passwords of different lengths.

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Iperius Backup 3.8.2

Iperius Backup 3.8.2

Iperius Backup is one of the best free backup software, also released in commercial editions for those who need advanced backup features for their companies. The freeware version of Iperius Backup allows you to backup to any mass storage device, such as NAS, external USB hard drives, RDX drives, and networked computers. It has comprehensive scheduling and e-mail sending functions. It supports zip compression with no size limit, incremental backup, network authentication and the execution of external scripts and programs.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013

Kaspersky anti-virus protects you from the Phishing and Malware sites that you wouldn't otherwise know were attempting to steal from you. At the same time, the Kaspersky Security Network allows your computer to report when it discovers a threat that hasn't been seen before. All 250 million Kaspersky users benefit from our combined knowledge! Kaspersky features include: Protects from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware Scans files, email, and internet traffic Protects Instant Messengers Protects From Unknown Threats Analyzes and closes Internet Explorer vulnerabilities Disables links to malware sites / phishing sites Global Threat Monitoring (Kaspersky Security Network) Blocks all types of keyloggers Automatic Database Updates Free Technical Support Note: This is a 30-day commercial trial.