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FileFilters 2.7

FileFilters 2.7 Free version 3815 

FilenameFilters you can use in your own Java programs with File.list( FilenameFilter f ). They can also be used standalone as fancy dir commands. Includes AllDirectoriesFilte, AllFilesFilter,ClamFilter, DirListFilter, EndsWithFilter, ExtensionFilter, EverythingFilter, FileLengthFilter, FilenameLengthFilter and FileListFilter.

Spinner 1.1

Spinner 1.1 Free version 3780 

Spinner consists of source for classes for a DateSpinner and to add hex and formatted dollar input/output for Java JSpinner to your own Java programs. Spinner offers two NumberFormatter classes you can use with a JSpinner. One is HexNumberFormatter which lets your JSpinner range over hex values. The other is DollarNumberFormatter which lets your JSpinner range over dollar values.

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